Story of the Fugitive Bikie Boss: Mark Buddle Wife

It was announced that the glamorous long-time girlfriend of the fugitive bikie boss Mark Buddle had ended their relationship. After Australian authorities placed the biker in the line of fire, Mel Ter Wisscha and the Comanchero boss uprooted their family and traveled to Dubai in 2016. They took their two children with them. Ms. Ter Wisscha revealed that the couple went their separate ways in July 2021 after spending five years together in the United Arab Emirates. Mark Buddle wife relocated to Bodrum in Turkey, while he moved to Northern Cyprus.

“It’s been a whole year since I last saw Mark. My children have his father as their biological parents. According to what Ms. Ter Wisscha shared with The Daily Telegraph, “they see him, but I don’t.” ‘I have stayed in Turkey.

According to mark buddle wife, my children have traveled to and from Northern Cyprus, but I have chosen to keep myself away from the region.

Mark Buddle Wife

Sources suggest that a few months after Buddle’s arrival in Northern Cyprus, he tied the knot with a woman named Ozge. This disclosure comes as a result of these claims.

As stated by the sources, Buddle’s marriage to Ozge, one of his former employees, is a sham. When he was detained earlier this month, the couple was living together at one of his three residences in the Iskele neighborhood of Kyrenia, commonly known as Girne.

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More About Mark Buddle Story

Mark Buddle Wife

On July 9, Buddle, 44, who had fled Australia in 2016 after being wanted in connection with several murders, was captured while returning to his hideout on the Mediterranean island. He was then taken to a prison in Turkey. Buddle had fled Australia after being wanted in connection with several murders.

Behind closed doors, the Australian authorities have been exerting great effort to secure Buddle’s extradition.

Despite the fact that he is commonly known as Australia’s most wanted man, no law enforcement agency in Australia currently has a warrant out for his arrest. This is the case despite the fact that they have tried for years to track him down.

If criminal charges are not brought, it will be hard to extradite the notorious underworld figure in accordance with international law.

Buddle’s name has been found on the Australian Priority Organization Target list, which lists approximately 15 individuals that the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission considers important leaders in the organized crime community.

In 2009, the fugitive biker assumed the role of head of the notorious Comanchero gang. This occurred after the previous boss, Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi, was sentenced to prison for his role in a fight that resulted in the death of another person at Sydney Airport.

After being labeled a person of interest in an armed robbery that took place in 2010 and resulted in the death of a security guard, he and Ter Wisscha departed Australia in 2016 and made their way to Dubai.

After that, Buddle moved around to a number of different countries, such as Greece, Turkey, and Iraq, before settling in what is now known as the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He was granted a residency permit there because his “high income” would bring wealth to the territory. Buddle eventually settled there.

However, after further consideration, the authorities concluded that his presence threatened the public’s safety and peace of mind. Consequently, a joint operation, including the National Turkish Coast Guard Command, the local police, and operatives from Interpol, was carried out to search for his hiding.

Buddle had just abandoned his haven on the island nation to attend a gathering in Germany with a prominent international associate of the gang.

Officers working the covert operation were waiting for him when he got back.

However, it could end up being a very challenging endeavor to get Buddle back home.

Fugitive Australians found in Turkey can only be extradited to Australia if they are accused of committing a crime that carries a minimum sentence of one year in jail.

It is exceedingly unusual for the authorities to bring charges against a person living overseas for the past five years without obtaining any fresh evidence if the conditions are normal.

Mark Buddle Wife

A Day In The Life Of Mark Buddle On The Run

  • 2009: Mark Buddle assumed leadership of the Comancheros after the previous chief, Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi, was imprisoned for his role in the tragic Hells Angels brawl in 2009 at the Sydney Airport.
  • After becoming a person of interest in the shooting death of armored guard Gary Allibon in Sydney in June 2010, Buddle left Australia for Dubai in 2016.
  • In September 2017, Buddle said he was now the “commander of the world.”
  • In 2018, he made his initial trip out of Dubai and headed to Greece when an important person in the Sydney underworld, John Macris, was put to death. A short while afterward, he made his way back to Dubai.
  • 2021: Buddle runs away from Dubai after a video of him getting into a brawl with some guests at a resort’s poolside leaked.
  • About the middle of the year 2021, Buddle moved to a number of different nations, including Iraq, Lebanon, and Turkey, before finally settling down in Cyprus.
  • According to a report from a news organization in Cyprus called Kibris Gercek, Buddle secured a residency in Northern Cyprus following discussions with high-ranking politicians, who permitted him to remain there until August 6, 2022.
  • Mel Ter Wisscha, Buddle’s girlfriend, uploads images of herself to the internet in June 2022 while she is staying at Turkey’s D Maris Bay Resort, which costs an astounding $11,000 per night to stay.
  • In July 2022, Buddle departed Cyprus to travel to Germany in order to meet with another foreign member of the Comancheros.
  • Buddle was detained on the island of Cyprus on July 9, 2022, by individuals who said they were with the FBI. However, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has denied any participation.

There are currently no charges being brought against Buddle by the authorities.

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